From Corrupt Bongo, 4 Years ago, written in Plain Text.
  1. <Serrana> iNPUTmice: I don't wanna start again with GCM push yes or no, but is it possible for the Play Store version of Conversations to make GCM push optional in
  2. <iNPUTmice> Serrana: just use a server without push
  3. <Serrana> iNPUTmice: Yeah, that was also my opinion a few days ago in this chat, but I really start to belief that is not a great idea, because a server can change its supported XEPs and if a user has already found a good server with no GCM push support right now and don't wanna use GCM in future, what happens if the server turn on the GCM push in a few months? Should the user change the server because of that or should the user deactivate the Play Store/Play Services to avoid GCM push?
  4. <iNPUTmice> Serrana: you the fdroid version or build it yourself
  5. <iNPUTmice> Serrana: use the fdroid version or build it yourself